David Fennelly, chairman of marine services companies Associated Terminals and Turn Services, announced a $1 million gift Thursday to United Way of Southeast Louisiana. He made the announcement while being presented the agency’s 2015 Alexis de Tocqueville Award.

“We want people to lead the best life possible. The ability and attitude to accomplish anything is our motto at Associated Terminals,” Fennelly said in a statement. “Children are our future, so it begins with them. I want to help children reach their full potential so they can accomplish more and succeed in school, business and life.”

Each year, the Tocqueville Society, made up of philanthropic leaders who donate a minimum of $10,000 annually to United Way, presents its highest award for exemplary leadership in volunteerism and philanthropy.

“David Fennelly’s extraordinary gift is an investment in our future where we envision all children and families have access to a great education, quality, affordable health care and equitable access to economic opportunity so that no one in southeast Louisiana lives in poverty,” said UWSELA President and CEO Michael Williamson.

Fennelly’s charitable service includes membership on numerous boards of directors of business associations as well as organizations focused on changing the lives of the community’s most vulnerable citizens.

Earlier this year, Fennelly presided over the national “grand launch” of United Way’s Club Connect, a program that provides elementary schools most in need of improving early grade reading with books and online resources to promote reading and parent involvement. Fennelly is sponsoring Club Connect in four schools in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Bernard parishes.

The Associated Terminals and Turn Services Group of companies provides marine services in the Gulf South region, primarily the Lower Mississippi River from the mouth of the river to Baton Rouge.

Fennelly’s companies’ maritime services include stevedoring, logistics, terminal and port operations, push boats, fleeting and barge-related services. They employ more than 850 workers and transload over 20 million tons of cargo, as well as transport and fleet tens of thousands of barge loads of cargo for customers across the U.S. and the world.