A New Orleans woman who started a company to deliver toys that help children reach developmental milestones is one of the role models featured in an article on Forbes.com.

Melissa Beese, founder of Little Pnuts, began researching alternatives to help her first son, who was born prematurely at 24 weeks, overcome developmental challenges, the article says. Beese was told her son would not develop like other children, and that he potentially faced a laundry list of other challenges.

Her research led her to specific toys, mainly available in Europe, that could help her son reach developmental milestones and stay on track with his peers. That knowledge led to the 2012 launch of Little Pnuts, a quarterly subscription service delivering eco-friendly, sustainably made toys handpicked specifically to help children reach each developmental milestone.

Her advice: “Every challenge and every failure is merely a lesson to help overcome the next obstacle with a bit more confidence and strength. Get up, brush yourself off, learn and move forward.”

Beeson is one of a handful of New Orleans businesswomen, one of whom is New Orleans Saints executive Rita Benson LeBlanc, recognized in the article.