The NO/LA Angel Network, founded a year and a half ago, has grown to 114 members and will be the host for the Angel Capital Association’s annual Angel Insights Exchange Conference Nov. 9-10 in New Orleans.

The event is expected to draw angel investors and groups from the United States and Canada.

NO/LA Angel network has invested more than $2 million in local early-stage companies. The average U.S. angel investor group has 68 members. NO/LA said its membership numbers make it one of the fastest-growing angel networks in the world.

The network recently expanded to Baton Rouge, is in discussions with investors in Lafayette and has partnered with groups in Shreveport.

Founder Mike Eckert, former CEO of the Weather Channel, hopes to build an in-state network of angel groups and investors, with New Orleans as its hub, to help entrepreneurs.

“By building a statewide network of angels and groups, we all can work together to identify and fund quality startups in markets throughout the state,” Eckert said. “Everybody wins.”