Metairie physician cashes in on whistleblower lawsuits _lowres


A Metairie doctor’s side business of suing companies for alleged health care fraud has paid off to the tune of $38 million, according to a story by The Wall Street Journal.

For the past two decades, Dr. William LaCorte has filed 12 whistleblower suits against companies he alleges defrauded taxpayer-funded programs such as Medicaid, the article says. On his desk, LaCorte, “a so-called serial whistleblower” keeps the trophies of his success: “a half-dozen marble paperweights engraved with images of checks” from his lucrative sideline.

Five of the lawsuits resulted in the federal government recovering hundreds of millions of dollars. The U.S. False Claims Act law allows LaCorte and other whistleblowers to get a piece of those penalties.