An employee of New Orleans-based Transoceanic Development is one of four Americans being held by rebels in Yemen, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Scott Darden, a 45-year-old from Atlanta who is based in Dubai, was working for the company transporting humanitarian supplies in Yemen when he was captured, according to The Post.

He has been held hostage since March by Houthi rebels, who overthrew the country’s government this year.

A Facebook page calling for Darden’s release and a website that currently redirects to The Post story,, were set up this week by a friend, John Schlichter.

“I am frustrated by the absence of any tangible progress,” Schlichter told The Post. “Americans deserve to know that their fellow citizen, a good-hearted man earning an honest living abroad, was taken prisoner in a conflict that has nothing to do with him.”

Darden’s identity had not previously been revealed at the urging of his wife, Diana Loesch.

Loesch told The Post that she and Darden’s son, Eesa, are “asking for his safe return.”

The identities of two of the other Americans being held in Yemen, a 54-year-old man from Michigan and a 35-year-old who was in the country teaching English, have not been revealed. The fourth American, Sharif Mobley, of New Jersey, was arrested by the previous government on terrorism charges five years ago and is now in the custody of the rebel group.

Darden is believed to have been captured with the Michigan man after seeking help from him when a Saudi Arabian-led coalition began a bombing campaign aimed at defeating the Houthi government.