When I moved to Baton Rouge in January, I was told the stretch of Jones Creek Road between Tiger Bend Road and Coursey Boulevard was due to be widened and repaired. With numerous potholes and bumps, this area is still in horrible condition. When will the work begin and how long will the project take? Are city-parish officials delaying this project until the outcome of the St. George referendum?

Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the chief traffic engineer for the city-parish, checked with Roy Payne, the project manager, and says the project is moving forward.

“It has already completed the clearing and grubbing and is currently in the utility relocation phase,” Partenheimer says. “This is the phase where all the utilities relocate to the back of the right-of-way so that the roadway portion of the work can be bid out.

“Also if there are pothole issues, people should report them via the 311 system. Reginal Brumfield is in charge of the street maintenance and would fix anything he is aware of.”

Exit 177 off Interstate 10 onto La. 30 coming from Burnside in Ascension Parish always has traffic lined up, no matter what time of day. Since this is an exit for those thousands headed to work it seems like there would be more of an effort to have a better plan here. The drivers turning left going to the chemical corridor are backed up all the way back to the interstate. Those who want to turn right don’t have a lane until they get almost to the red light. That causes cars to drive on the shoulder to get to the right turn even though there is a solid white line. On more than one occasion I have seen potential accidents when cars don’t realize that someone is flying up beside them on the right. Same thing for the exit across the street. Cars coming off the interstate from Baton Rouge are supposed to merge, but many come to a plain stop. There have many accidents here and people wanting to turn into Tanger Outlet often can’t get into the right lane. Can someone help? These are both big problems.

Lauren Lee, a public information officer for the state Department of Transportation and Development, said DOTD recently initiated a feasibility study to determine what improvements can be made to improve traffic flow on La. 30 between La. 3251 (Ashland Road) and La. 44.

The study will look at what improvements can be made at intersections along the corridor, as well as improvements to the corridor itself.

The study will develop a preliminary purpose and need for the project; examine the technical feasibility of constructing improvements; conduct a preliminary scan to identify potential environmental impacts; and determine preliminary project scope and cost

Short-term, intermediate and long-term improvement options will also be considered.

The study began in March 2014 and will take one year to complete.

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