A Gonzales man who won the six-figure Easy 5 jackpot in Saturday’s Louisiana Lottery drawing says he hopes to use his winnings to buy a sports car to replace the two vintage cars he lost during Hurricane Katrina.

Norbert Godchaux, 64, won $269,243, which became $188,470 after state and federal taxes were withheld, from a ticket he bought at the Albertsons supermarket on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Lottery Corp. reported Wednesday.

His winning Quick Pick Easy 5 numbers were 5-13-19-27-33.

Godchaux said he won $65 from Lottery tickets last week and felt like he was due for a big win, the release says.

Albertsons earned a $2,692 bonus, 1 percent of Godchaux’s prize before taxes, for selling the winning ticket.