SORRENTO —The Town Council still awaits “tangible evidence” from three town police officers threatening legal action over alleged racial and sexual discrimination by Police Chief Earl Theriot, Councilman Randy Anny said Tuesday.

Anny’s remarks came after a special meeting of the council during which members discussed in an hour-long closed session threats of potential litigation raised by Police Officers Kermit Givens and Cathy Gil and their attorney, Harry Shoemaker III.

The third police officer, Tige Scott, did not attend Tuesday’s meeting.

Neither the councilmen nor police personnel present would discuss the allegations against Theriot, but Shoemaker said after the meeting that “Negotiations are active and ongoing.”

Hudson said after the executive session concluded, “Both sides have agreed to try and resolve this amicably.”

Hudson added there is no deadline as to when the issues would have to be resolved.

Councilmen Milton “Needlenose” Vicknair, John Wright, Marvin Martin, Jason Adams and Anny attended Tuesday’s meeting.

During a phone conversation after the meeting, Mayor Wilson Longanecker Jr. also declined to comment on the allegations against Theriot because the issue was discussed in executive session.

“If there are improprieties, those improprieties will be exposed in due process,” Longanecker said. “If there aren’t any, naturally, that will be exposed in due process.”