GONZALES — A 12-person jury found Damien Hall, 29, guilty of manslaughter Friday in the Jan. 28, 2009, shooting death of 32-year-old Ronald Deloch Jr., according to a news release from the 23rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Hall faces up to 40 years in prison. Twenty-third Judicial District Judge Guy Holdridge ordered a pre-sentence investigation, according to release.

Hall told police that Deloch hit him in the eye with a gun, which triggered the struggle, according to a statement prepared by Hall’s attorney, Peter Q. John.

However, after nearly three hours of deliberation, the jury unanimously rejected the defense’s argument, according to the release.

Pat Lane of the State Police Crime Lab testified that because of the angle of the wound, and the lack of gunshot residue, Deloch had to have been at least 2 feet from the gun when it was fired, with his back turned to the weapon.

At 5:54 p.m. on Jan. 28, 2009, Deloch crashed his car into another vehicle at the TNT Chevron Gas Station at La. 73 and La. 30, got out of his car and fell to the ground, telling the owner of the other vehicle that he had been shot, according to the news release. Deloch died from his wounds the following day.

Hall is being held at the Ascension Parish Jail pending sentencing, according to the news release.