The Ascension Parish Council on Thursday amended its animal control laws addressing what it describes as “dangerous” or “potentially dangerous” dogs.

The amendment, which passed by a 9-0 vote with no council discussion, adds language that aims to better track and control dogs deemed to pose a threat to the public.

Dogs declared as “dangerous” under the new ordinance’s wording must now have a special tag, which comes with a $10 initial registration fee to the owner and a $5 annual renewal.

Also included in the law is the requirement of a tracking microchip in the dog, also at the owner’s expense, as well as guidelines for how to secure the dog both on and off the owner’s property.

The parish’s animal control center, at its discretion, may require a dangerous dog to be spayed or neutered, according to the new wording.

If the owners of dogs found to be dangerous cannot comply with the ordinance’s requirements, the owners have the option to have the dogs euthanized at their expense either by the parish’s animal shelter or by a licensed veterinarian.