Two patrol deputies and a corrections officer have been fired as a result of an ongoing internal affairs investigation into a complaint of excessive force last week at the parish’s Youth Detention Center, Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack said on Friday.

Waguespack said that at this point in the investigation, he would not provide the names of the people who have been fired.

“Until things are complete, we’re not going to comment further,” Waguespack said. “If an officer is arrested (in the future), we’ll provide names and details.”

As part of regular protocol, the files of the Sheriff’s Office’s internal investigation are being forwarded to the district attorney, he said.

Last week, the sheriff said two deputies were on leave following a complaint of excessive force being used on a youth in the detention center.

No one was hospitalized in the Sept. 24 incident, Waguespack said. He said the complaint of excessive force involved one deputy.