A Gonzales-area man who had been estranged from his wife fatally shot her in the head shortly after midnight Thursday in their mobile home, then turned the revolver on himself, Ascension Parish sheriff’s deputies reported.

Gerardo Lua, 38, 13250 Roddy Road, Lot 11, Gonzales, remained in critical condition Thursday afternoon at an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, said Lt. Col. Bobby Webre, sheriff’s chief of criminal operations, in a news release.

The double-shooting interrupted what neighbors said was normally a quiet corner of eastern Ascension at Cobb’s Trailer Park, near Roddy and Black Bayou roads.

Residents said they would see Lua and his wife, Alejandra Orozco, 36, coming and going to work but said the couple mostly kept to themselves.

Chad Duplessis, 35, who lives a few homes down from where Lua and Orozco lived, said he would see Lua get picked up each morning for work.

Duplessis said he also received friendly waves from the couple while he cut grass in the mobile home park but that was about it.

“They’d wave and say, ‘Hey, Hi, how’s it going?’ ” Duplessis said. “But I mean they were quiet. They kept to their self.”

Mobile home park owner Gene Cobb said Lua and Orozco had been living in the park about a year. Deputies said the couple apparently came to Louisiana from Los Angeles and lived in Gonzales before moving there.

Webre said Lua worked in construction with his 16-year-old son, who is not in school.

Webre said the teen told investigators Lua and Orozco were married for about 20 years but were having problems.

Orozco had told her husband she wanted a divorce in February and moved out to live with a boyfriend in Illinois, Webre said.

Chief Deputy Tony Bacala said Orozco returned Wednesday, and Lua knew Orozco was coming home. A sport-utility vehicle with a temporary Illinois license plate was parked in front the mobile home late Thursday morning.

“Obviously we don’t know what transpired in the home,” Bacala said, adding the scene was consistent with a murder and an attempted suicide.

The couple’s son, who had been out with friends at the time of the shooting, said he told his father, before his mother had arrived, to make sure nothing happened during his mom’s visit, Webre said.

LaSonia Williams, 38, said she and her son heard noises from that mobile home starting around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday.

She said her son heard light knocking about 11:45 p.m. and then, sometime after midnight Thursday, she heard louder knocking, then running inside the mobile home.

“It sounded like it (the running noise) came from one end of the trailer to the other,” Williams said.

Lua and Orozco’s son returned home and found his parents on the floor in a back bedroom, Webre said.

The teen called 911 and led arriving deputies to the bedroom where Orozco was found with an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

She was unresponsive, Webre said.

Lua was lying next to her with a head wound but was still breathing, Webre said.

The revolver was near Lua on the carpet, Webre said.

Deputies did not identify the teen or an older adult brother living in Ascension Parish.

Webre said deputies are monitoring Lua’s health but do not plan to bring charges in the next day or so while their investigation continues.