DONALDSONVILLE — A volunteer group tasked with improving Donaldsonville’s image is hoping to have a new city logo and redesigned website available in the coming months.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Robyn Penn Delaney, who serves on the city’s Louisiana Development Ready Cities panel, reported that the group has received quotes from designers on both projects.

The group recently held a contest in which citizens offered suggestions for a new city logo, Delaney said. While one logo was selected from among three entries, concerns over reproducing the design led to a new proposal.

“The committee chose to instead incorporate aspects of that logo into the new design,” Delaney said.

Delaney said the current city website suffers from a lack of updated information and little connectivity with the community.

“Our goal is to have a website that will inform residents of what’s going on in Donaldsonville, as well as to provide information for those looking to relocate here to live or open a business,” she said.

Other suggestions include use of social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter, which can be used to quickly relay or obtain emergency information, Delaney said.

“A lot of people use Facebook and Twitter, both young and old,” Delaney said. “They can tell us what’s happening.”

Some council members and city officials said they felt the city should put more effort into Internet-based promotion, including contracting with someone locally to maintain such services.

“You get what you pay for,” City Attorney Chuck Long said. “You want cheap, you get cheap. There’s nothing worse for a business than having out-of-date information on your website. You need to give the people something worth looking at.”

Delaney said the committee aims to launch the new website, which will incorporate the new logo, by April.

Other business coming before the council included:

AUDIT REPORT: The council received an unqualified report on its financial operations for the 2011-12 fiscal year, the highest possible recommendation.

Mike Waguespack, of the Waguespack & Gallagher LLC accounting firm, told council members that while a handful of minor issues were reported in the audit, none were cause for serious concern.

The issues reported included late publications on budget and emergency declarations in public bid law matters, among others.

“We’ve improved in a lot of areas and fewer entries are being made,” Waguespack said. “We’ve got a good audit trail to work with.”