In a 3-1 vote Monday, the Gonzales City Council appointed local general contractor David Guitreau to serve as an interim council member, filling the unexpired term of Kenny Matassa, who is now the Ascension Parish president.

Guitreau will serve through Dec. 31, when the council’s terms end. The Gonzales municipal elections are in the fall.

This is Guitreau’s second turn on the council, again in an interim position. He also had filled the unexpired term of Gary Lacombe for a few months in early 2015, until Neal Bourque was elected to the seat without opposition in a special election in March.

Lacombe had resigned in November 2014, prior to a recall election.

The one dissenting vote over Guitreau came from Councilman Terance Irvin, who made a substitute motion that the council form a subcommittee to first interview Guitreau, as well as other people who had expressed interest in filling the interim appointment.

Irvin’s motion didn’t get a second.

City Clerk Clay Stafford said the next step will be to send certified minutes of Monday’s meeting to the Secretary of State’s Office. Guitreau could possibly sit for his first meeting on the council next month, Stafford said.

Another motion of Irvin’s — to be named mayor pro tempore, to fill in when the mayor is absent — also failed to get a second Monday night.

The council voted 2-1 to name council member Kirk Boudreaux as mayor pro tempore, to take the title formerly held by Matassa.

Boudreaux abstained from voting; the measure passed with votes from Bourque and Harold Stewart.

Irvin, before making a substitute motion that he be considered for the position, noted he is the council member with the longest tenure.

However, Bourque said that had not been the case in previous councils, and the mayor said the city ordinance does not require tenure as a factor for the position.

Irvin’s motion failed due to lack of a second.