CONVENT — The St. James Parish Council began the new year by authorizing Parish President Timmy Roussel to address numerous administrative requirements.

Councilmen Alvin St. Pierre, Terry McCreary, Jason Amato, Ralph Patin, Jimmy Brazan, Charles Ketchens and Ken Brass on Wednesday unanimously approved resolutions allowing Roussel to continue seeking funding for programs run by the parish Department of Human Resources, including Head Start and the St. James Council on Aging.

Other resolutions approved allowed Roussel to file project applications on behalf of the parish for state and federal grants.

Roussel said all 13 resolutions acted upon by the Parish Council were standard “beginning-of-the-calendar-year” measures that officials were required by law to address.

Other items coming before the council included:

WATER TREATMENT: Council members voted to authorize Roussel to apply for $81,000 in funding from the state Office of Community Development’s Community Water Enrichment Fund to make repairs to a clarifier unit at the parish’s water treatment plant in Vacherie.

EMERGENCY SHELTERS: The council agreed to allow Roussel to advertise for bids to provide emergency shelter meals to evacuees using shelters run by the parish Department of Emergency Preparedness during emergencies such as hurricanes.