Two Ascension Parish Prison inmates who briefly escaped last month manipulated a lock to a recreation yard door, scaled an internal fence and then slipped through a gate to a second, perimeter fence on their route to fleeting freedom.

Lt. Col. Bobby Webre, the sheriff’s chief of criminal operations, on Tuesday provided details of the May 21 escape by Lionel Caire, 22, of New Orleans, and Brian Cavalier, 33, of Zachary, after a Sheriff’s Office internal investigation.

Caire and Cavalier, who escaped at 7:30 p.m. May 21, were captured a short time later after a caller reported seeing two inmates outside the jail located on Lemanville Cutoff Road near Donaldsonville.

Both men were arrested and have since been charged by prosecutors with simple escape and simple criminal damage to property for the jail door.

Jail deputies are able to lock the recreation door remotely from a control room, but Caire and Cavalier have been accused of manipulating the door’s electronic lock so the door appeared closed on a control room panel, though the door was actually unlocked, Webre said.

Jail deputies are supposed to do an evening check of doors, including the recreation yard door, which leads to a fenced, outside yard by pulling on the doors and physically ensuring they are locked, Webre said.

A deputy may not have done the check when the evening head count was taken at about 5:30 p.m. in Caire and Cavalier’s 75-bed dorm, he said.

Webre said corrective action was taken with the deputy, but he didn’t say what action was taken or identify the deputy. He did say no deputies were terminated over the incident.

Webre said the Sheriff’s Office has improved security around the outer gate by adding more razor wire along with other improvements.