Ascension Parish sheriff’s deputies are investigating reports that vehicles have been hit with gallon jugs full of water, causing damage and forcing drivers off the road, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Jennifer Lavergne, 29, of Gonzales, said she was driving west on La. 621 between La. 431 and Roddy Road about 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday when a vehicle in the opposite lane with bright, bluish headlights came toward her GMC Yukon. She then heard a loud boom.

Her windshield was shattered, she said. A reporting sheriff’s deputy and her father found a burst gallon water jug along the side of the road. Her Yukon and the jug were wet, she said.

“It was a very scary incident to think someone would do anything like that while you’re driving down the road,” she said Friday.

Lavergne was driving with her husband and their 7- and 1-year-olds as they headed back home from her mom’s house, she said.

The incident is one of at least two Thursday night reported firsthand on Facebook by the victims, who also posted pictures of the damage to their vehicles.

Chantelle “Chae” Mabile said she was on her way home Thursday about 9:30 p.m. along La. 933 near the Magnolia Run subdivision in Galvez when she thought she hit something and had to pull over.

Mabile, 39, said she saw her fender was damaged, and when bystanders pulled it back out, they found it and her bumper were wet.

Like Lavergne, Mabile reported the incident to sheriff’s deputies, but Mabile said she initially did not know what happened.

A deputy was unable to find a jug that some bystanders reported seeing Thursday night, she said.

After seeing a Facebook report about Lavergne’s claims, which happened at about the same time and in a nearby location, Mabile put together what may have happened to her, she said.

Mabile said she found a gallon jug Friday morning on the side of the road where the incident happened. She said she reported the incident to deputies Friday and was told deputies were aware of it.

Sheriff’s deputies could offer no immediate details Friday afternoon but said they were investigating.