SORRENTO — The Town Council agreed to hire an accounting firm to conduct an extended audit of town finances after the state legislative auditor said more information is needed on Sorrento’s fiscal procedures.

Mayor Wilson Longanecker Jr. said during Tuesday’s council meeting the state requested Faulk & Winkler LLC, the same accounting firm that performed the town’s audit last fiscal year, spend between 20 and 40 additional hours further examining financial procedures, including the municipality’s system of checks and balances.

For example, the fact the town has one debit card that can be used by only one person, a town clerk, could be deemed problematic by the state, town officials said.

The audit will begin next week and conclude by the end of the month, Longanecker said.

The audit will cost between $5,000 and $6,500, plus out-of-pocket expenses, according to Faulk & Winkler.

Other business taken up by the council included:

NEW SIGNS AND AERATOR: Council members decided to get cost estimates and use any grant money available from the Local Government Assistant Program to buy a new aerator for a town sewer pond.

Any grant money left over would be spent on buying street signs the town needs to comply with new state safety requirements, officials said.

The grant would total between $21,500 and $31,000, depending on how much the state allots this year, Longanecker said.

A 25-horsepower Airmaster Aerator could cost about $25,000, but Longanecker said the town would do well with a less expensive 10-horsepower aerator.

Aerators introduce oxygen to circulate and treat water in sewage ponds, Councilman Randy Anny has explained at previous council meetings.

The town has experienced years of problems with its sewer lines and ponds, most recently with water and sewage flooding manholes and homes during heavy rains along Braud and Johnson streets.

GRINDER PUMPS: The council agreed to provide grinder pumps for residences of several families on or around Braud and Johnson streets to help prevent water and sewage from flooding their homes again.