DONALDSONVILLE — A comprehensive energy conservation program completed at Ascension Parish public schools should save about $860,000 a year, said Chad Lynch, director of planning and construction for the system.

Jeff Parent and Jeremy Theriot, who oversaw the project for Lynch’s department, delivered the report on the program to the School Board’s Maintenance Committee on Tuesday.

During the last year, Lynch said, contractors from Johnson Controls Inc. implemented more than $10 million in energy-efficient upgrades such as replacing outdated fixtures, automating air conditioning and heating units, and installing motion-sensitive lighting in classrooms.

“We had to make sure that whatever they did in the evening was cleaned up by the next morning,” Lynch said, so no classes would be disrupted.

The project was funded through the sale of $10 million in federal Quality School Construction Bonds granted to the system in 2009, Lynch said.

“We expect to see those (energy) savings increase over time,” he said.