SORRENTO — Town Attorney Karl L. Scott encouraged the Town Council on Tuesday to create a survey map of the town after the U.S. Justice Department suggested officials provide one to advance the Conway Bayou annexation.

The Justice Department will determine if the annexation, and any new voting precincts that result from the annexation, would put the town in violation of the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

“While it is not a requirement that the map be in the packet, it expedites matters significantly if there is a map,” Scott said.

He said the map needs to include town boundaries and show nearby municipalities and neighborhoods.

“The more information you provide to them, the less the chances are it will be held up or that they will come back with questions,” Scott said.

The council approved annexing about 33 acres near the Conway Bayou area in March.

Councilman Randy Anny asked Scott to find out if the Justice Department wants additional information in the map. Creation of the map could then be put out to bid at a later date, Anny said.

The proposed survey map will also include Conway Street and the Orange Grove subdivision, officials said.

In other business:

BEER AND LIQUOR LICENSE: The council unanimously agreed to issue a beer and liquor license to Bridget Robert, general manager of Integrated Logistics, a Baton Rouge catering company that also provides laundry and housekeeping services to industrial plants, film production sites and special events.

Robert told the council she is opening a second location in Sorrento, but the site will serve as a place to prepare food for the catering business and not as a restaurant.

Councilmen Milton “Needlenose” Vicknair, John Wright, Lionel Melancon Jr., and Anny were present at Tuesday’s meeting. Councilman Marvin Martin did not attend.