The body of a Donaldsonville man found lying on the ground outside Sunday showed no signs of being beaten up, but the results of his autopsy conducted Wednesday will not be ready for several weeks, Ascension Parish sheriff’s deputies said.

“There is no indication whatsoever that he has been in a fight or in any kind of confrontation,” Lt. Col. Bobby Webre, Ascension chief of criminal operations, said Thursday.

Michael Rodrigue, 54, was found Sunday in the area of Claiborne and Houmas streets with a head injury, deputies have said.

Deputies said Rodrigue succumbed to his injuries Monday at an area hospital and his death has been under investigation.

Betty Rodrigue said her son did odd jobs and was a house painter but suffered from several long-term ailments, including a bad back and bad knee that limited his ability to walk distances without pain. She said his bicycle, which he road around town by pedaling with his good leg, was in front of her house when deputies arrived to tell her about her son.

Betty Rodrigue said that leads her to believe someone had picked him up before he was found Sunday.

Michael Rodrigue lived on and off with his mother at her house in Donaldsonville, she said.

Betty Rodrigue said from what she saw of her son in the hospital, she finds it hard to believe he just fell.

But Rodrigue said she is waiting on the final results of the autopsy and what sheriff’s detectives can tell her about her son’s death. She said whatever that is, at least she knows he is at peace.

“I have consoled myself that way,” Betty Rodrigue said. “At least I know he is not hurting anymore.”