GONZALES — Total taxable assessed property value in Ascension Parish grew by an estimated 8.5 percent to roughly $877 million in 2011, according to figures from the preliminary tax roll.

The estimated increase means local government bodies — ranging from the Parish Council and School Board to the Parish Library and Council on Aging — could see a combined $7 million more in tax revenues in 2011 than in 2010.

Parish Assessor Renee Mire Michel provided those and other figures Thursday as Ascension’s preliminary tax rolls opened for public review at her Gonzales and Donaldsonville offices.

Michel said her east bank and west bank offices will stay open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday during the review period, which began Wednesday, lasts until Sept. 15, and opens the door to possible adjustments in final figures.

An online search engine giving access to the parish rolls is available at the Louisiana Tax Commission’s website: http://www.latax.state.la.us/Menu_ParishTaxRolls/TaxRolls.aspx.

Assessments reflect a percentage of market value and are used to calculate owners’ ad valorem tax bill annually. Ad valorem taxes are defined as those levied on assessed value of personal property or real estate.

The assessed value of a homeowner’s house and land, for example, is 10 percent of market value.

Property taxes are not collected until the end of the year. State law requires all property to be reassessed every four years. The last such year was 2008.

Michel attributed preliminary growth in 2011 taxable assessed values to new construction and improvements, business inventories and equipment that had been sheltered under 10-year exemptions the state grants to new or expanding industries.

Of the $69 million increase in taxable assessed values initially estimated for 2011, $41 million comes from nearly $900 million in equipment newly taxable in 2011 because state exemption contracts expired, Michel said.

Taxable assessed value for real property, such as land and homes, rose $12 million between 2010 and 2011, Michel’s preliminary figures show.

The remaining $16 million in the estimated 2011 taxable assessed value increase stems from inventories, she said.

Michel said she is meeting with property owners to discuss their assessments.

Owners who wish to challenge their assessments have until Sept. 29 to file an appeal with the parish Board of Review, Michel said.

The Board of Review, which is the Parish Council, meets Oct. 6 to address tax appeal issues, she said. Appeals to the Louisiana Tax Commission are due Oct. 20.

Call the Assessor’s Office at (225) 473-9239 or (225) 647-8182 for more information.