After Ronald Green Sr. shattered the glass windowpane in the home’s front door, found his wife and son and shot and killed them, he called a woman he knew in Baton Rouge to tell her what he had done and said he was going to drive himself to a bridge and jump.

That’s the scenario that’s been laid out by the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Green’s body, however, has not yet been found, and the mystery remains: Did he jump or did he escape?

It’s a mystery that may never be solved.

In the early morning hours of April 17 — not long after the bodies of Dewona Wright Green, 40, and 12-year-old Ronald Green Jr., a student at Central Middle, were found in their 41047 Lakeway Cove Ave. home — deputies discovered Green’s car abandoned and still running on top of the Veterans Memorial Bridge in St. John the Baptist Parish.

Nobody knows for certain if Green jumped or if he ran, but officers are investigating both possibilities.

“Everything that you can do investigationally to find a fugitive is what we’re doing,” said Tony Bacala, chief deputy with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Green on two counts of first-degree murder and violation of a protective order. Dewona Wright Green had filed three petitions for a protective order against her husband and had filed for divorce on the Tuesday before she was killed, citing physical and emotional abuse.

Although the search continues for Green Sr., Bacala said, investigators believe it’s likely he jumped from the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

“So far, we have not gotten any indication from our investigative work that he’s still alive,” Bacala said.

There have been no tips from local or national law enforcement databases, and the Sheriff’s Office is in possession of both the vehicles Green was known to drive, sheriff’s authorities have said.

It’s probable, Bacala said, that the Sheriff’s Office is investigating “a fugitive from justice who is likely deceased.”

The search for Green’s body continues daily in St. John the Baptist Parish, where the Sheriff’s Office there is assisting in the investigation.

The St. John Sheriff’s Office mans boats on the river daily because of the busy river traffic in the area, Bacala said.

If Green died in a fall from the bridge, which is roughly 16 stories above the water, his body may never be recovered, said Mary Manhein, director of the LSU FACES (Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services) laboratory.

“There are so many scenarios,” Manhein said: The body may surface in a few days near the bridge. Or, the body may be carried down river, possibly for miles. Or, the body may be snagged on something at the bottom of the river.

“It can be taken on a ship and carried out to sea,” she said.

Manhein is familiar with a case in which a person was seen jumping from a bridge; five years later, his remains washed up at an oil rig, she said.

Twenty years ago, someone was seen going into the river near Baton Rouge, and his body has never been found, Manhein said.

It’s also possible that Green escaped, leaving his car atop the bridge as a ruse.