Finally, we’ve had some winterlike weather, so it's a good time to think about how to protect pets when the temperatures drop near the freezing mark.

Many people think because dogs and cats have fur, they can tolerate cold weather. Although their coats may serve as some insulation, cats and dogs feel the cold just like we do. In fact, prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can cause conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite in animals.

It's important to have a cold-weather plan for all pets. Dogs that are outside should be brought indoors during freezing or near freezing weather. If pets cannot be brought inside, then make sure that they have adequate shelter from the elements. Their shelter must be warm, protected from wind and rain, and raised off the ground.

Doghouses should not be overly large and should have warm bedding such as dry, clean towels or blankets. Bedding should be changed frequently. Elevating the doghouse off the ground by a few inches will prevent moisture from coming in through the floor. Positioning the opening away from the wind will help keep warmth in.

It is also important to make sure that pets have fresh, clean water at all times as they can become dehydrated in the winter time. Watch that the drinking water does not freeze and prevent access.

For outdoor cats, leave a garage door cracked so they have a warm place to go. If a feral colony is away from the home, have provisions such as bins or boxes propped up sideways with warm bedding such as blankets or hay so that they have a warm retreat.

If the neighborhood has cats roaming about, make sure to check cars before starting them on cold mornings. Cats tend to curl up in tire wheel wells and under the hood of cars to escape the cold weather, so make it a routine to knock on the hood before starting the car so that you do not injure a hiding cat.

If it is too cold for us to be outside, then it is too cold for pets. Do not leave a pet outside to suffer through the cold. If a pet is spotted outdoors during a freeze without adequate shelter, please alert the parish shelter.


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