Declawing a cat is often the go-to solution for preventing damage to furniture, curtains and more. However, there are several negative consequences to declawing.

Thought to be a quick, easy and safe procedure, declawing is actually a very serious surgery that can negatively affect on a cat’s quality of life.

Cats rely on their claws for many reasons. The main use is for defense. Even if the family kitty is an indoor-only pet, accidents happen, and if a declawed cat gets outdoors, he will not be able to defend himself against a predator or climb a tree or fence to escape danger.

In addition, the claws are tools for balance; without them, the cat must shift his weight and relearn how to walk on the exposed bone that is left once the claws are removed. Cats also extend their claws in order to achieve a full body stretch. Declawed cats are more prone to muscle pains and arthritis as a result of not being able to get a good, full stretch.

Finally, scratching is a source of exercise and stress relief for cats. Cats tend to scratch when they are anxious or frustrated. Without claws, they do not have a way to alleviate stress.

Declawing is not only painful for a cat, but it can cause negative behaviors and permanent physical damage. Declawed cats may avoid using the litter box as they depend on their claws to maneuver the litter. Some declawed cats may start to bite and use their teeth as a defense mechanism. If the declawing surgery is not done properly, bone fragments can be left behind and cause pain for a cat. Finally, permanent nerve damage can be a result of declawing.

So what is the alternative? Scratching is a normal and vital part of a cat’s life. Several scratching posts are on the market that can give cats their daily scratching fix. There are also nail covers and caps that are safe and painless to the cat and can be put over the claws to prevent scratching damage. Trimming the nails once or twice a month is a good way to make scratching less damaging.

The decision to declaw is not one that should be taken lightly. Do the research and get the facts. This is a procedure that can potentially have negative lasting effects on a cat’s disposition, health and well-being.


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