Crews on Monday night completed a temporary repair to a River Ridge sewer main that broke a day earlier, a Jefferson Parish spokeswoman said.

The permanent fix won’t be done until some time within the next couple weeks as additional materials arrive for the repair, but the sewer system is operating normally, parish spokeswoman Kriss Fortunato said.

The leak near the corner of Cirtrus Road and Generes Drive began when a clamp connecting two of the sewer main’s pipes popped off Sunday afternoon, Jefferson Parish Councilman Paul Johnston said. Raw, stinky sewage began spilling from the leak and into storm drains.

To assist in repair efforts, parish officials asked residents and business owners in River Ridge to refrain from using water for purposes such as washing clothes and washing dishes because that water goes into the sewerage system. Drinking water was never affected.

Officials allowed residents to use water without restrictions again late Monday morning.

Citrus Road then reopened to traffic about 5 a.m. Tuesday after being temporarily closed. Generes Drive north of its intersection with Citrus remained closed, Fortunato said.