Terry Speaks, one of the suspects in the stabbing death and dismemberment of Jaren Lockhart, allegedly admitted that he and Margaret Sanchez killed “a girl” in Louisiana, carved up her body and dumped the remains over a bridge in coastal Mississippi so they could not be found.

That statement was revealed in a brief summary of the case included in an arrest log filed after Sanchez, 30, was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center on Wednesday.

While Speaks remains jailed in a New York prison on an unrelated sex-crime charge, Sanchez, 30, was picked up this week in Metairie and booked with second-degree murder and obstruction of justice in connection with Lockhart’s death.

Lockhart was reported missing June 6, 2012, after leaving Temptations, a Bourbon Street strip club where she worked. Days later, parts of her body, including her torso and head, washed up in various places along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

It is not clear to whom Speaks allegedly made the statement about the stabbing death, but Kenner police recently traveled to New York to interview him after they took over the investigation from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi.

Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway said Thursday that his investigators have identified “at least two” new witnesses in the case whose statements helped to secure a warrant for Sanchez’s arrest.

Speaks, although a suspect, has not been booked in connection with the case. But he has been locked up on the unrelated charge since shortly after Lockhart’s death.

In addition to his statement, the arrest log says “numerous” other witnesses told investigators that Speaks and Sanchez approached Lockhart as she danced at Temptations and offered her money to leave with them for “a party/sexual encounter,” according to the arrest log.

Lockhart accepted the offer, according to the log, and surveillance footage released shortly after her disappearance showed the three together that night.

Caraway said it is not yet clear when Lockhart was killed but that it likely happened in Kenner. The exact location remains unknown.

The suspects’ car was later seen entering and leaving Mississippi after Lockhart was reported missing and before her remains washed ashore in Hancock and Harrison counties.

Investigators found that not only was the body dismembered but that tattoos were “strategically” removed in an apparent effort to make identification difficult.

Sanchez remained locked up Friday, according to Jefferson Parish jail records. Her bail has been set at $750,000.

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