A problem with his "paperwork" led Glenn Mayeaux to withdraw his name this week from consideration to be the next superintendent of Jefferson Parish schools, he said.

Mayeaux's exit Tuesday means that DeSoto Parish School Superintendent Cade Brumley is the only remaining candidate for the job. He has been seen as the likely choice for several weeks.

Barring an unforeseen development, Brumley will take over for outgoing Superintendent Isaac Joseph, whose contract was not renewed by the board in January. Wednesday was Joseph's last day.

Chief Operating and Planning Officer Lale Geer will act as the district's interim head until the new superintendent starts.

Mayeaux, a former Jefferson Parish school principal and administrator, was one of only two candidates who submitted applications to lead the Jefferson schools.

He ended his candidacy Tuesday after being told by the system's staff that state records did not show he had superintendent certification, he said.

The staff offered to let him come in and fill out some additional paperwork to help determine if he met the qualifications, but Mayeaux refused, saying that he knew he didn't have five votes on the parish School Board. To get the job, Mayeaux would need support from a majority of the nine board members.

The confusion stemmed from a master's degree in educational administration that Mayeaux said he earned in 1981 from the University of New Orleans. That degree would qualify him to be a superintendent, but school system personnel told him the state said he had never sent in a "packet" of information to get the certification added to his records, he said.

"I can't remember what happened 30, 40 years ago," Mayeaux said. 

An email Tuesday from the system's personnel director, Donna Joseph, to board members said Mayeaux therefore does not meet "certification requirements for superintendent." That judgment was later confirmed by an official with the state Department of Education.

The School Board had scheduled a meeting for Monday at which board members were going to interview the two candidates and then choose one. The board also has solicited questions from the public that were going to be asked of the two candidates.

It is unclear how that meeting will proceed now with only one candidate.

Marion "Coach" Bonura, a School Board member who said he has known Mayeaux for "a long time," said the decision to withdraw boiled down to Mayeaux's assessment that he was unlikely to get the job.

"He didn't think he was going to change six people's minds," Bonura said, referring to the six members of the board who were thought to favor Brumley.

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