The Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office asked a state district judge Wednesday to temporarily halt the ride-hailing service Uber from operating in the parish, but it got the same negative response it had received from a lower court the day before.

Wednesday’s request from the parish was denied by 24th Judicial District Judge Donald Rowan, just as two requests were rejected in 1st Parish Court on Tuesday.

Parish Attorney Deborah Foshee asked Rowan to issue a temporary restraining order against Uber, its subsidiary Raiser and driver Sherita Davis to halt them from picking up riders in Jefferson. She said they are operating without the certification that’s required of all commercial drivers in the parish.

Foshee’s office also requested a preliminary injunction, which Rowan will consider Nov. 30. The request will be opposed by Uber’s attorney in Jefferson, David Courcelle.

First Parish Court Judges Rebecca Olivier and Johnny Lee, who refused to issue restraining orders Tuesday, will hold hearings Nov. 12 on the parish’s requests to them for an injunction.

The parish in late September sued at least eight people who either drive for Uber or loaned their cars to those who do and accused them of violating state and parish law. The suits, which are still pending in 1st Parish Court, seek to impose fines on the defendants.

The Parish Council considered an ordinance this spring that would have permitted Uber and similar companies to pick up riders in Jefferson’s unincorporated areas, but the measure failed in the face of opposition from the parish’s sizable taxi industry.

Saying there is no law prohibiting it from operating even in places where it is not specifically authorized, Uber ended up expanding into Jefferson Parish in late June. However, the taxi industry has kept up pressure on the parish to shut it down.