A state district judge has granted the city of Gretna a preliminary injunction against a local motel the police chief has accused of being a nuisance and public safety hazard.

Judge Adrian Adams, of 24th Judicial Court in Jefferson Parish, granted the injunction Wednesday, although the Luxury Inn & Suites on Claire Avenue has been closed since the Louisiana Fire Marshal’s Office ordered it shut down in January.

When it filed suit against the motel in March, the city said that in 2013, there were 250 calls for service and 110 arrests at the property, and that number jumped to 425 calls and 250 arrests last year.

In 2012, police arrested someone for running a meth lab in one of the motel’s rooms, and other arrests involved drugs, prostitution, possession and discharge of weapons, assault, battery of a police officer, kidnapping, cruelty to a juvenile and attempted murder.

The department has spent $137,000 policing and sending ambulances to the hotel, and about two-thirds of the medical calls in 2013 and 2014 were related to drug use, according to the city.

An attorney for owners Mehmood “Mack” Kahn, Chetna Hira and Sunil Patel could not be reached for comment Thursday.

If the hotel were to reopen and the police were called out because of an incident there, it would be in violation of the injunction.

It is not clear, however, if the hotel will be reopening anytime soon.

Attorney Leonard Levenson, representing the city, said the city plans to file for a permanent injunction in coming weeks and to seek attorneys’ fees, court costs and damages.

Whatever the future holds, officials said, the city plans to do whatever is necessary to keep the Luxury Inn from reopening in the same condition that led to its closure.

“I can assure you it will not go back to being what it was,” Levenson said.

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