The Jefferson Parish School Board has approved more than $50 million in critical repairs or upgrades to 65 school campuses across the parish, as it works to maintain an aging portfolio of buildings and catch up on some long-deferred maintenance.

The top-priority repairs, mainly meant to modernize buildings and address safety issues, will be funded with the proceeds from a sales tax bond issue the board approved in March. In addition, the system has put together a list of $66 million in less-urgent repairs that are not yet funded.

Among the priciest improvements are upgrades that will go to all campuses, such as $1.5 million in kitchen upgrades and another $1.5 million to correct “unsafe conditions at various schools,” School Board documents said.

Other projects on the list target specific campuses, such as an $820,000 proposal to replace the roofs on several buildings at Green Park Elementary in Metairie and a $560,000 proposal to clear asbestos from the ceilings of the main building at Vic Pitre Elementary in Westwego.

Additional improvements include: $450,000 to waterproof the outside of Chateau Estates Elementary in Kenner, $295,000 to repaint the inside of Cherbonnier-Rillieux Elementary in Westwego, and $117,000 to repair a sewer line at Gretna Middle School.

“The objects on those list — some of those need to be addressed like now,” parish schools chief Isaac Joseph said during a board meeting Monday. “We have mitigation that needs to happen with leaky roofs, windows, walls — things like that.”

Grace King High School in Metairie has the most projects on the list: seven, totaling about $1.01 million. Greenlawn Terrace Elementary in Kenner is next with five with a price tag of $710,000. A few other campuses have four.

The project list unanimously approved Monday will serve as a working draft, and improvements on it could rise or fall in priority, especially as a result of unforeseen emergencies, said Lale Geer, the parish school system’s chief operating and planning officer.

Each individual project also must be brought before the School Board for final approval before work can begin. The board did not discuss when it would start bidding out the work or how long the full slate of repairs might take.

School Board members Cedric Floyd and Mark Morgan disagreed with the priority level given to some of the items on the list. While Morgan didn’t elaborate much, board chairman Floyd said some schools still don’t have adequate gym space, and that should have been given a higher priority.

“I have some concerns I was going to address down the road,” said Floyd, who moved to adjourn the meeting without a vote, until Joseph and School Board member Larry Dale successfully urged the panel to take action on the matter.

Also among the approved projects is $955,000 for roof and window repairs at Washington Montessori in Kenner and $185,000 for new roofs and leaking walkway canopies at Cuillier Career Center at Marrero. Both of those schools could be in line for new campuses if the board decides to ask the public to approve a property tax increase and $200 million bond issue for the construction of new schools.

Adams Middle
Door and window repair and replacement$300,000
Improve drainage at athletic field$260,000
Airline Park Academy
Re-roof Buildings A, C and D$350,000
Renovate student toilet rooms$20,000
Replace steel awning-type windows in Building B, C and D$350,000
Alexander Elementary
New Intercom System$50,000
Replace all classroom exterior window and door walls$175,000
Replace concrete sidewalks on the site$60,000
Audubon Elementary
Replace office and library building roof$130,000
Provide additional paved and covered student drop off$100,000
Bissonet Plaza Elementary
Provide handicap accessible ramp at main entry$55,000
Resurface existing parking$150,000
Bonnabel Magnet Academy
Replace roof on cafeteria and mechanical building$240,000
Replace exterior steel doors and windows$500,000
Repair foundation at stairs$150,000
Replace Asbestos floor tile on first floor of Building A$100,000
Boudreaux Elementary
Repair and replace exterior door assembly$105,000
Renovate classrooms in all buildings$250,000
Butler Elementary
Replace steam boiler and radiators in Main Building$300,000
Resurface parking lot$80,000
Repair and reglaze all exterior windows$200,000
Chateau Estates Elementary
Waterproof exterior of building$450,000
Cherbonnier Elementary
Paint interior of entire facility$295,000
Clancy Elementary
Replace windows and exterior doors and extend walls to slab$525,000
Cox, George Elementary
Replace window walls in A, B, C and D wings$520,000
Student restrooms$65,000
Repaint classrooms and ceiling$375,000
Cox, Helen High
Abate ceilings$750,000
Renovate bathrooms$65,000
Cuillier Career Center
Replace roofs$90,000
Repair and replace leaking walkway canopies$95,000
Dolhonde Elementary
Re-roof cafeteria and main building$650,000
Re-surface asphalt paving on north side of campus$260,000
Renovate interior of cafeteria$55,000
East Jefferson High
Repair and replace window wall system in main building$650,000
Improve drainage and paving at north courtyard$325,000
Replace return air and supply grills in corridors$130,000
Ehret High
Replace exterior doors and windows$650,000
Repair foundation at stairs$100,000
Re-roof above band room$195,000
Renovate classroom interiors and gymnasium$350,000
Repair ceiling and prep and paint band room$60,000
Ellis Elementary
Expand to the cafeteria$1,500,000
Replace asbestos floor tile throughout$260,000
Estelle Elementary
Renovate classroom interiors$300,000
Fisher High
Resurface parking area and add parking on north side$200,000
Interior renovations and install HVAC in old gymnasium$350,000
Ford Middle
Replace all exterior doors, frames and windows$390,000
Renovate all student and faculty toilet rooms$213,000
Grace King High
Replace and repair all exterior aluminum and glass door assemblies and windows$260,000
New intercom system$75,000
Install isolation valves on domestic water lines$91,000
Replace all exterior window louvers$60,000
Improve lighting in library$100,000
Install permenant walls in patio classrooms$75,000
Resurface and re-pave asphalt parking lots$350,000
Green Park Elementary
Roof replacement on admininstration, cafeteria, 100 and 200$820,000
Replace corridor windows with fire-rated walls and install acoustical ceilings and lay-in fixtures in Building 100$275,000
Replace asbestos flooring$117,000
Administation office HVAC$80,000
Greenlawn Elementary
New intercom system$80,000
Replace steel windows Buildings 1,2,3 and cafeteria$300,000
Paint classrooms, administration, cafeteria and library$200,000
Renovate toilet rooms$55,000
Replace fencing$75,000
Gretna Middle
Repair sewer line from cafeteria to front of building$117,000
Repair concrete paving, drives and around drop inlets and provide ADA ramp$120,000
Remove lockers and repair walls$200,000
Gretna No. 2 Academy
Replace the roof on the main building$150,000
New intercom system$65,000
Install subsurface drainage and pave existing parking area accessed from Amelia Street. Create new parking area.$315,000
Replace five central air conditioning units in the Annex Building$65,000
Gretna Park Elementary
Replace annex aggregate wall panels$185,000
Replace steel windows$650,000
Replace existing electrical service entrance pole$55,000
Harahan Elementary
Replace old windows and window units in Building 300$312,000
New acoustical ceilings, lighting, doors, hardware and painting$225,000
Harris Elementary
Replace doors and windows in cafeteria$200,000
Renovate classrooms$250,000
Harris Middle
Replace existing light fixtures$195,000
Abate ceilings$750,000
Exterior repairs, painting and waterproofing$220,000
Renovate boys and girls locker rooms and coaches office$130,000
Hart Elementary
Replace windows in 4 & 12 classroom buildings$260,000
Hazel Park Elementary
Renovate student toilet rooms$150,000
Replace window walls in Building 100$390,000
Remove asbestos spray-on ceiling coatings in Annex Building
and install new ceilings and lights
Replace window walls in Annex Building$260,000
Hearst Elementary
Window replacement and exterior waterproofing$350,000
Renovate faculty restrooms$60,000
Re-surface asphalt play area and repair damage caused by
Higgins High
Replace and repair all exterior aluminum and glass door$260,000
Remove all exterior window louvers$60,000
Renovate locker rooms$240,000
Janet Elementary
Renovate student restrooms$100,000
Renovate classrooms$250,000
Pressure wash, paint and waterproof exterior walls$230,000
Jefferson Elementary
Add paved parking along Jefferson Highway$195,000
Keller Elementary
Repair end walls of all classroom wings to correct water intrusion$260,000
Re-surface asphalt play area and repair damage$260,000
Kerner Elementary
Remove existing ceiling insulation due to failure. Apply seamless flooring in 8 student toilet rooms.$230,000
Livaudais Middle
Remove existing inset hall lockers from entire school. Build walls.$230,000
Waterproof second story classrrom building with through wall flashing$240,000
Live Oak Manor Elementary
Replace window walls$260,000
Resurface asphalt$55,000
Marie Riviere
Resurface play area$150,000
Marrero Academy
Interior renovations$200,000
Marrero Middle
Replace window walls$400,000
Repair parking areas$200,000
Remove lockers and repair walls$200,000
Martyn, John Alternative
Replace roof on main building$100,000
Renovate exterior of cafeteria building$110,000
Repaint exterior of Industrial Arts building$50,000
Matas Elementary
Repair and replace steel door and window assemblies$780,000
McDonogh No. 26 Elementary
New intercom system$50,000
Replace existing vinyl asbestos floor tile$156,000
Replace ten water source heat pumps$65,000
Metairie Academy
Replace all windows and paint cafeteria$455,000
Repair and repaint interior plaster walls$195,000
Pitre Elementary
Demolish and replace window walls on east and west sides$520,000
Asbestos abatement of entire main building ceilings and reapply ceiling acoustic overlay$560,000
Riverdale High
Re-roof ROTC building and renovate Industrial Arts Wings$80,000
Reglaze and repair window walls of Classroom and Administration Building$390,000
New metal roof on gymnasium$195,000
Repave parking lots$195,000
Riverdale Middle
Waterproof and repaint exterior of Building 1$455,000
Replace flooring in Building 1$350,000
Renovate dumpster area$80,000
Renovate student restrooms$130,000
Replace main sewer line$54,000
Schneckenburger Elementary
Repair, resurface and install drains in parking and drives$65,000
Solis Elementary
Pressure wash and waterproof exterior walls and masonry$105,000
Replace floor tile and waterproof slab$200,000
Strehle Elementary
Replace roof top air and heat units including ductwork on office$40,000
Replace roof top air and heat units including ductwork$30,000
Thibodeaux Elementary
Demolish and replace window walls in cafeteria and classroom$520,000
Renovate classrooms$350,000
Truman Middle
Replace window wall system in main hallway$90,000
Wall Elementary
Demolish and replace window walls on east and west sides$520,000
Repaint interiors and apply acoustical ceiling material$200,000
Washington Montessori
Replace roofs on Building A, B and C$340,000
Replace window units in Building B with central DX unit$325,000
Rework aluminum windows on the library and Building A and C$130,000
Replace window in Building B and cafeterria$160,000
West Jefferson High
Replace doors$290,000
Replace subsurface drainage at ROTC Buildings$110,000
Woodland West Elementary
Waterproof windows$80,000
Woods Elementary
Replace roof on kindergarten and grades 1-5 buildings$390,000
New intercom system$50,000
Resurface and stripe parking area and provide additional parking$150,000
Replace fire alarm system$25,000
Worley Middle
Replace storefront and doors in Hallway C$130,000
Replace window wall system in main hallway$95,000
Renovate locker rooms$160,000
Systemwide Needs
Safety and security upgrades to stadiums$500,000
Site work to correct unsafe conditions at various schools$1,500,000
20 new storage buildings$2,000,000
Six classroom additions at an elementary site in Kenner$2,200,000
Six classroom additions at an elementary site in Metairie$2,200,000
Insulate chill water piping. Repair or replace piping as needed.$3,000,000
Upgrade high school science labs$600,000
Upgrades to kitchen areas including new cooler and freezer units$1,500,000