The tornado that struck south Kenner during a round of severe weather Tuesday was an EF-0, the weakest rating on the 0-to-5 Enhanced Fujita scale.

The National Weather Service on Wednesday said the twister packed a wind speed of 80 mph and traveled along a short path between Airline Highway and Rev. Richard Wilson Drive (formerly known as 3rd Street), in the vicinity of Salvador Road.

City officials said damage from Tuesday’s weather was minor.

The twister damaged a roof in the 500 block of Salvador and some property in the 500 block of Centanni Road, while a tree in the 700 block of Pollock Place was downed.

Cars also were damaged in a lot west of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

The tornado touched down well south of a church that had the brick facade of its rear wall torn off by strong winds, an event widely reported on by local media.

Tuesday’s tornado was at least the fourth to strike Kenner since April 24, 2013. While that is an unusually high number of tornadoes for the city to experience in such a short period of time, officials have said there is no clear explanation for the increased activity.