A man and his father were arrested Thursday in Kenner after the son beat and raped his girlfriend at the family’s home on Chateau Magdelaine Drive, after which the two men held the woman captive for two hours to prevent her from calling relatives or the police, according to the Kenner Police Department.

Savraj Ranshi, 29, was booked on counts of forcible rape, domestic abuse battery and false imprisonment, and Rajinder Ranshi, 70, was booked on simple battery and false imprisonment, Jefferson Parish arrest records show.

The incident occurred March 15.

It began when Savraj Ranshi became angry with his girlfriend after she refused to have sex with him, according to documents provided Monday by the Kenner Police Department.

The woman went to sleep but awoke when Savraj Ranshi slapped her and then kicked her out of the bed, according to the police reports. She tried to get up, but Ranshi kicked her down and demanded sex as he punched, slapped and bit her, the police reports say.

The documents say Ranshi’s parents heard the fight and came into the room, which allowed the woman to escape upstairs. Soon, however, she was persuaded to come back to the bedroom, where Ranshi attacked her again, knocking her to the floor and choking her, the reports say.

Ranshi then tried to tear off her clothes before dragging her by the hair across the floor and stomping on her chest, the reports say.

The affidavits say that, fearing for her life, the woman then pretended to be unconscious and Ranshi began to rape her.

When he was done, Ranshi took out his cellphone and took her picture while she lay naked and injured on the floor, the police reports say. He then began hitting and pouring water on her to wake her up, according to police reports.

Ranshi’s parents then came back into the room, and the woman once again attempted to flee up the stairs, but Ranshi pulled her back.

Ranshi and his father then refused to allow her to leave, the documents say, and the elder Ranshi ignored her pleas to use the phone and restrained her arms when she tried to do so. At one point the woman managed to get to the phone and called her sister, but the elder Ranshi took the phone away and told the sister that everything was fine and the couple was simply drunk, according to the police reports.

After two hours, the affidavits say, Ranshi went to bed, and his parents allowed the woman to leave with Ranshi’s mother, who took her to a relative’s house in New Orleans.

The woman, who suffered injuries to her face, body, arms and legs, went to the hospital, where doctors confirmed her neck showed signs of strangulation. A rape exam was conducted and the woman said she would press charges, the affidavits say.

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