A Jefferson Parish man accused of manufacturing and selling fireworks without a license had been on the radar of federal law enforcement for years because he bought large amounts of chemicals online.

Those allegations emerged in new court filings outlining the government’s investigation of Brad J. Milligan, a Metairie resident who manages nearly two dozen rental properties.

Milligan, 37, is scheduled to appear Tuesday in 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna.

He was booked on state counts in December after authorities searched his residence. A search warrant filed Friday by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives makes clear that the feds also have taken an interest in the case.

The document, signed by Special Agent Matthew Lindberg, says the ATF had received invoices dating to 2013 “from several Internet-based chemical supply companies” showing Milligan had been purchasing “potassium perchlorate, a known precursor to homemade explosives.”

Milligan also bought “varying sized cylindrical tubes, end caps and cannon fuses,” Lindberg added. “The last noted purchase was in July 2015.”

Agents were watching Milligan’s home two days before Christmas when they saw someone pull up and leave the residence with “a gray plastic bag containing several cylindrical devices, which were believed to be the suspected illegal explosive devices,” according to the warrant.

The ATF, joined by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, searched the home Dec. 30 and took Milligan into custody. “He made several spontaneous utterances acknowledging that he assumed police were there to investigate the manufacturing of explosive devices at his residence,” Lindberg wrote.

According to the ATF, Milligan also acknowledged manufacturing and distributing “steroid substances for a lengthy period of time.”

Defense attorney David Courcelle has asked a judge to release several of Milligan’s bank accounts that were seized by the authorities, a matter likely to be addressed in court Tuesday.

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