• Transfers for June 3 to June 11


  • CORETTA DRIVE 257: $40,000, Succession of James Arbuthnot and succession of Tena L. Arbuthnot to Joyce E. Smith.
  • GERRIE COURT 329: $105,000, Erica Ann B. Vinet to William T. Chirchirillo.
  • KENNEDY HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT 22, SQUARE J: $51,334, Bank of America NA to Fannie Mae.


  • ARTHUR LANE 4894: $38,000, donation, Kim R. Palmisano and Robin G. Palmisano to Jonathan P. Palmisano.
  • BAYOU HARBOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 40-A: $52,000, Mike P. Breaux to Steven Sandoz and Dawnell H. Sandoz.
  • JONATHAN DAVIS PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOT G2: $9,000, Edwin M. Pizanie and Elizabeth F. Pizanie to Anthony Muscarello III, Cheryl A. B. Muscarello, Steven R. Deckwa and Mandy M. Deckwa.
  • KAYLEE LANE 142: $57,000, Keith M. Plaisance to Durel J. Bernard Jr.
  • PRIVATEER BLVD. 2634: donation, no value stated, Foster P. Desselles Jr. to Joshua M. Desselles.


  • APPLE LANE 185: $20,000, Milton J. Bourgeois and Greg M. Bourgeois to Sandra H. Norra.
  • E. CENTRAL AVE. 154: $374,000, Janice A. Gallet to Bacchus Properties LLC.
  • GRAND BEACH NO. 7-A SUBDIVISION, LOT 4, SQUARE H: $40,000, Peter A. Husta to Louis M. Andolsek Jr. and Julie B. Andolsek.
  • ROSETHORNE LANE, LOT 17, SQUARE N: $10,000, Ethel W. Wust to Dustin M. Cheramie.


  • BELLEMEADE BLVD. 869: $155,900, Joseph Babineaux Jr. and Linda K. Babineaux to Bertrand J. Woods and Yeny H. Woods.
  • BRIARMEADE ST. 332: $100,000, Fannie Mae to Donald Dowl Jr.
  • CHERRYWOOD DRIVE 337: $124,900, Darrell McGivens to Danny E. Mouser II and Jennifer M. Mouser.
  • CITY OF GRETNA, PORTION OF LOTS A, 22, SQUARE 103: $15,000, Timothy A. Frederick to Victoria Goldstein.
  • CLAIRE AVE. 2920: $45,000, Joseph A. Lacorazza to Khalid Ouardi.
  • CREAGAN AVE. 90: $34,000, Succession of Joe D. Manning and succession of Mae J. Manning to Sandra Avalos and Jose A. C. Segundo.
  • FIFTH ST. 1028-30: $45,000, Iberia Bank to Dwayne P. Plaisance and Maria Reine Plaisance.
  • FOURTH ST. 320: donation, Jeffrey J. Williams and Jane T. Williams to Daniel D. Cox Jr. and Sherry W. Cox.
  • GINETTE DRIVE 824: $168,000, Kendall P. Daigle to Victor I. Morales.
  • GRETNA BLVD. 2: $104,488, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • GROVEWOOD DRIVE 541: $33,500, Lorraine A. L. Vincent to Gary Loken and Denise G. Loken.
  • HAMILTON ST. 454: $170,000, Matthew D. Dick to Frederick N. McCullogh.
  • HERITAGE AVE. 413: donation, no value stated, Michelle Garza to Raymond W. Bianchini.
  • HINGLE SUBDIVISION, LOT A, SQUARE 1: $255,000, Gregory G. Galle, Earl L. Galle III and David P. Galle to 717 Whitney LLC.
  • HUCKLEBERRY LANE 728: $159,900, Robert H. Mistretta Jr. and Lisa A. Mistretta to Brent R. Ardeneaux and Marie D. Ardeneaux.
  • HUNTERBROOK DRIVE 617: $47,500, Daphine L. Barnes to Golden Peak Investments LLC.
  • JACQUELINE COURT SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE 4: $1 and other valuable consideration, donation, SES Enterprises LLC to Patricia Frye’s Ministries Inc.
  • MADISON ST. 1133: $189,000, Gary J. Madere and Marcia G. Madere to Jennifer D. Holley and Brian Holley.
  • MASON AVE. 74: $168,000, Kasey Kiar to Gary Hebert and JoAnne F. Hebert.
  • O’CONNOR ST. 1811: $25,000, Succession of Maria C. L. Arnold and Leray W. Hebert Jr. to Wallace Lee Walker Consultants LLC.
  • TERRY PARKWAY 841: $163,000, Janie R. Killgore to Crystal C. Gaston.
  • WALL BLVD. 304: $96,334, Bank of America NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • WALL BLVD. 672: $120,000, Sharon P. White to Lin T. Leong.


  • ASPEN DRIVE 3601: $150,292, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • COLONIAL CLUB DRIVE 213: $290,000, Paul R. Ponko and Dorothy N. Ponko to Hassan Sarmini and Soha Sarmini.
  • DEERPARK DRIVE 4057: $70,000, Fannie Mae to Hezekiah C. Ilechukwu.
  • GARDERE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 10, 11, SQUARE 6: no value stated, Erica L. Dodson to David P. Villemarette and Elizabeth Babin.
  • HAMPTON DRIVE 2257: $139,000, Jason K. Otterstatter and Stephanie S. Otterstatter to Brittanee A. Pruitt.
  • HAMPTON DRIVE 2325: $161,000, William L. Nesbit Jr. and Deanna P. Nesbit to Khanh N. Tran and Sam T. Dang.
  • JUPITER ST. 2648: $154,900, Denise Ledet and Timothy A. Kozel to Ruben N. Madere.
  • LAKE CATHERINE DRIVE 3605: $300,000, Kenneth H. Rockhold and Kimberly N. D. Rockhold to Kyle W. Rockefeller and Angela T. Rockefeller.
  • MACARTHUR AVE. 502: $93,500, Andrea T. Himel to Lauren A. Lacoste.
  • MANHATTAN BLVD. 2325: donation, no value stated, Dab Family Trust to David J. Bourgeois.
  • N. SQUIREWOOD DRIVE 3313: $430,000, Charles R. Stephens to Jason A. Lafrance and Lisa F. Lafrance.
  • N. VILLAGE GREEN ST. 2238: $205,000, Kenneth E. Blair II and Joy E. Blair to Daniel W. Sable Jr. and Kathleen Sable.
  • NATHAN KORNMAN DRIVE 3836: $118,000, Robert L. Forward Jr. and Gene E. D. Forward to Gilbert E. Barnes and Ravelynn L. Barnes.
  • PAXTON ST. 2075: $370,000, FH&M LLC to Access Rules LLC.
  • TALLOW TREE LANE 1005: $164,800, Bertel Investments LLC to Ryan P. Ruiz.
  • TIMBERLANE WAY DRIVE 3320, UNIT 125: $69,000, Thomas J. Harlan to Muath Rimawi.


  • ALLO AVE. 621: $45,000, Successions of Joseph F. Hebert Sr. and Bessie M. Delaune Hebert to Eugene M. Lynch Jr.
  • ALLO AVE. 828: $30,000, donation, Hong K. T. Tran to Joseph Tran LLC.
  • ANDERSON PLACE 5835: $144,000, Peoples Community Subsidiary Inc. to Mashutta L. Matthews.
  • ANNETTE DRIVE 2820: $136,000, David J. Pavon and Kelly C. Pavon to Jamie P. Blair.
  • AVENUE A 839: $109,000, donation, Hong K. T. Tran to Joseph Tran LLC.
  • BAYOU VISTA DRIVE 2712: $131,900, RPM Ventures LLC to Bryan M. Bergeron and Lori L. Rome.
  • COLONY COURT 2717: $25,800, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Timothy J. Gabriel and Stephen Piglia.
  • GAUDET DRIVE 922: $59,000, Janet N. Arroyo to Rodney N. Naquin.
  • GRAND TERRE DRIVE 4905: $110,000, Michael E. Lovas and Anne N. Lovas to Justin M. Gray.
  • MISTY MEADOWS DRIVE 2633: donation, no value stated, Rechelle Grace T. S. Pierre to Patrick J. Thomas.
  • OAK ST. 616: $55,000, Ronald J. Trosclair and Valerie A. Trosclair to Ryan J. Trosclair.
  • RANDOLPH 5057: $110,000, Fannie Mae to Jerry C. Mixon and Tonya G. Evans.
  • RIDGECREST ROAD 2621: $287,000, Michael W. O’Brien to Leroy Adams and Vanessa A. D. Adams.
  • SEGNETTE DRIVE 5812: $80,604, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • SEVENTH ST. 4816: donation, no value stated, Peter H. Ciulla to Gary M. Rachel.
  • SORBONNE DRIVE 3084: $45,334, Bank of America NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • W. PEARL DRIVE 2504: $125,000, Melvin H. Burns and Linda C. Burns to Juan A. Burns and Ashley B. Burns.
  • WESTBANK EXPRESSWAY 4209: $263,00, donation, Hong K. T. Tran to Joseph Tran LLC.


  • CAMELLIA LANE 24: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Victor S. Phillip Jr.
  • HERMAN ST. 169: $34,500, Chase Home Finance LLC to Willie T. Noel Sr. and Amelia G. M. Noel.
  • JEFFER DRIVE 212: $92,105, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • LAUREL OAK LANE 9517: $224,000, Coast Builders LLC to Margaret A. Salcido.


  • AVENUE C 1113: $18,000, Andrew J. Boudreaux and Patricia L. Boudreaux to Michael A. Percle and Kriss R. Percle.
  • DOGWOOD DRIVE 479: donation, no value stated, Dana M. Dilworth to Ginger M. Dilworth and Sheena M. Smith.
  • GRAMBLING COURT 156: $50,000, Rosalee D. Hayes, Lenora R. Hayes and Rosa L. H. Black to Robert K. Sissac and Candace M. Sissac.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 90 1137: $145,000, Ryan L. Landry and Randal L. Landry to Roy J. Lafleur.
  • VICTORY DRIVE 724: $140,000, Sloane D. Tyner to 720 Victory Drive LLC.