Authorities in Jefferson Parish on Thursday jailed four of the 21 people who were named in a state racketeering indictment handed up under seal that day, according to court records.

Seven others named in the indictment already were in custody on other offenses, and 10 were not in Jefferson Parish’s jail as of Friday afternoon.

Those picked up Thursday were Kentaz Gayden, 27; Derrick Gumms, 26; Corey Trent, 25; and Stephanie Bradley, 43, the lone woman in the indictment, which involves men authorities have linked to the notorious Harvey Hustlers gang as well as to an incident that generated five charges of attempted murder.

Already in custody before Thursday were Brandon Motton, 28; Charles D. Gumms, 21; Charlie A. Gumms, 19; Willie Thornton, 30; Lashawn Davis, 31; Davante Robertson, 21; and Rasheed Smith, 24.

The New Orleans Advocate is not naming the 10 other defendants so as not to jeopardize authorities’ efforts to apprehend them.

Precise details of the racketeering indictment weren’t available because it was filed under seal. In racketeering indictments, however, prosecutors group together crimes they allege were committed over a period of time in furtherance of an illegal enterprise, such as drug dealing.

The idea is to give jurors a more complete idea of the defendants’ alleged criminal conduct should the case ever go to trial. It can be harder to paint the bigger picture when charges are tried individually.

Before Thursday’s indictment, prosecutors in Jefferson had charged Davis, Robertson and Charlie A. Gumms in a shooting at the Lapalco Court Apartments in Harvey on April 22, 2013, that left three toddlers and two women in their 60s wounded.

One of the women answered a knock on the door that day, and two shooters posing as police fired an AK-47 and a handgun, the Sheriff’s Office has said.

Investigators believe the shooters’ two targets were in the apartment but were not hit. However, children ages 1, 2 and 3 as well as women who were 63 and 67 were struck. The 1-year-old — a girl — was paralyzed as a result.

Davis, Robertson, Charlie A. Gumms and 23-year-old Frankie Hookfin Jr. were later charged with five counts of attempted second-degree murder each. All have pleaded not guilty.

Separately, federal prosecutors have alleged Hookfin belongs to the Harvey Hustlers drug gang. He is among 12 defendants battling charges that they violated federal gun and drug laws numerous times.

Prosecutors also allege that Hookfin and other co-defendants killed 58-year-old Emeal Washington and 81-year-old Doretha Richardson four days apart in 2013.

Washington died after being shot on August Avenue in Marrero on Feb. 11, 2013. Richardson died after being shot in her home on Fifth Street in Bridge City on Feb. 15. She reportedly was sitting with her grandson, his girlfriend and a 3-year-old girl; she did not appear to be the intended target.

Furthermore, prosecutors say two of Hookfin’s co-defendants in the federal case — Harry Smoot and Lance “Life Taker” Singleton — fatally shot 19-year-old Shanna Girod and 22-year-old Willie Odom on Aug. 18, 2012. Odom’s 4-year-old daughter and Girod’s 4-month-old son were sitting in the car with their parents when the victims were attacked at U.S. 90 and Lapalco Boulevard in Avondale. The children were not wounded.

It is expected that Thursday’s indictment will be unsealed after all the defendants charged in it are taken into custody.