Voters in Gretna will be asked Tuesday to renew 6 mills of property taxes to fund sewer and streetlight maintenance and repair.

The 10-year renewals would run through 2025.

At present, the city is not levying the full amount that either of the taxes was last approved for. It is collecting only 2.82 mills of the authorized 4-mill tax for streetlight repair and 1.7 mills of the 2-mill tax for sewer maintenance.

At the current collection levels, the streetlight millage generates about $415,000 a year, which goes toward paying for the electricity the lights use, along with repairs and replacements, said Raylyn Stevens, the city’s finance director.

The millage for sewer work generates revenue — $222,105 at the current rate of 1.7 mills — to dig up, fix and replace broken lines. Stevens said the sewer tax is the sole source of funding in the budget for sewer repair and maintenance.

While the millage for the streetlights will be levied citywide, the vote on the sewer millage excludes Timberlane Estates, which gets its sewer service from Jefferson Parish.

The streetlight millage will be levied in Timberlane for the first time if the citywide renewal is approved. Gretna annexed the Timberlane subdivision on Jan. 1, 2009.

Gretna’s current $48 million annual budget includes an operating budget of $17.8 million.