Prosecutors in Jefferson Parish have filed misdemeanor charges against Brady Becker, the high school student whose controversial arrest this year prompted a federal civil rights investigation into whether a plainclothes deputy used excessive force.

The District Attorney’s Office rejected three of the counts Becker was booked on in February, including battery of a police officer and inciting a riot, but it charged the 17-year-old with resisting an officer, disturbing the peace and remaining in a place after forbidden.

The charges, filed in a bill of information on Oct. 15, prompted a federal judge to issue a stay in a related civil case in U.S. District Court, in which Becker’s mother is suing Sheriff Newell Normand. That case had been set for trial in March.

The charges stem from a struggle captured on cellphone video in the parking garage of the Lakeside Shopping Center in which the detective, Deputy Nicholas Breaux, delivered four right hooks to Becker’s face.

Footage of the arrest was viewed more than 350,000 times on YouTube and prompted an FBI investigation that ultimately cleared Breaux.

Becker, a senior football player at St. Charles Catholic High School in LaPlace, called on Normand to fire the deputy, saying Breaux had assaulted him and treated him “like I’m not even a person.”

Becker received two black eyes and other facial injuries in his encounter with Breaux, a mixed martial arts fighter.

Normand defended Breaux and his undercover partner, Cory Porche, saying a drunken Becker had instigated the incident as he and several other teens left a parade in Metairie.

The sheriff acknowledged that Breaux repeatedly punched Becker but contended he did so in self-defense, seeking to subdue Becker. The 37-second cellphone video shows Becker grasping at Breaux’s neck before the deputy delivers the blows.

The deputies had been patrolling the parking garage after the Krewe of Centurions parade Feb. 13. An arrest report said Becker was highly intoxicated, refused to leave the garage and pushed Breaux in the chest. The report said Becker’s friends began shouting “F*** the cops” as the situation escalated.

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