A Covington man pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to a single count of health care fraud.

David Lee Killen, 43, who lives in Covington but operated a chiropractic clinic in Bogalusa, had faced 30 counts of health care fraud and four counts of identity theft.

Under the plea deal he accepted, Killen will face a maximum of 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years of probation, according to a news release.

He also will have to pay restitution to each of the victims, according to the plea agreement.

Court documents show Killen used a variety of methods to commit fraud. In some cases, he billed insurance companies for chiropractic services he never performed. In others, he billed for expensive allergy tests that were not performed.

He also urged patients to submit to unneeded allergy tests, allowing him to bill more.

Killen also admitted to billing insurers for expensive back braces, then providing patients with cheaper substitutes or nothing at all, court documents show.

FBI agents found more than $285,000 in illegitimate billings for which Killen was paid $183,674, according to court filings.

Tuesday’s plea wasn’t Killen’s first brush with the law.

He pleaded guilty in 2007 to simple criminal damage to property, two counts of simple battery and unauthorized entry of a dwelling.

In 2012, he was arrested after a woman posted pictures on social media of strangulation marks he left on her neck. The next year, he was sentenced to three years in state prison for that crime, with an additional two tacked on under the habitual offender statute. He is currently in the St. Charles Parish jail, according to the state Department of Corrections.

As part of his federal plea deal, Killen will be allowed to serve his federal and state sentences concurrently, according to court documents.

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