Cindi Manint and Mary Beth McGuinness, of the Pierre de Mandeville Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, and Leonard Rohrbough, of the Pierre G. Rousseau Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, participated in Our Lady of the Lake School’s Colonial Day.

This celebration is the culminating activity for the fifth-graders’ study of American colonial times. Rohrbough came attired in the uniform of the Continental Army of Virginia and described its various features including the standardized haversack packed with battle necessities.

Manint and McGuinness told what it was like to be a woman during those times and highlighted several who acted outside the norm. They included Deborah Samson, Abigail Adams and Mary Hayes McCauly, commonly known as Molly Pitcher.

“We were excited to participate in the educational event,” McGuinness said. “It is the mission of the SAR and DAR to preserve the history of our country, and promote patriotism and education. The annual Colonial Day gives us a perfect forum for fostering our goal. We hope we helped inspire the students to learn more about our great country and its early days.”