25 years

Preserving Mandeville’s old-town character versus public safety were two issues at odds last week when Jim Fargason of the Dead Tree Society requested permission from the Mandeville City Council to continue their project to replace a dying live tree on Lakeshore Drive. The dying tree was one of many issues discussed at a city council meeting held Thursday at 7 p.m. in Mandeville City Hall. The approximately 250-year-old live oak tree, which was killed due to lightning, is located in a crook in the road near Lamarque. Currently, motorists must veer their cars to the side to circumvent the tree. Officials of the City of Mandeville and the Louisiana DOTD, who have been discussing plans to repave and widen Lakeshore Drive, want to remove the dead tree and straighten the road because it would be safer for motorists. Fargason, speaking on behalf of the Dead Tree Society, an organization created last July to replace the dying live oak, said many long-time residents of Mandeville favor replacing the live oak with a new one in the original location to “save as much of the old town as we can.”

50 years

St. Tammany parish has moved toward forming its own regional planning commission, a prerequisite for procuring federal funds for public projects. The St. Tammany Parish police jury met in special session Wednesday night with representatives of parish municipalities and other agencies, and it was generally agreed to proceed with formation of the commission. Municipalities must become members or they will not be entitled to federal monies, it was stipulated. Mayors representing their municipalities were Ernest Cooper, Covington; Paul Cordes, Mandeville; L.C. Mizell, Sun; and Frank Cusimano, Slidell. Milton Zechenelly, Pearl River councilman, represented his town.

75 years

The number of silk and nylon hose collected so far at the boxes placed in different stores in town still does not warrant a trip to New Orleans. Won’t you stocking wearers please hunt up your worn out silk and nylon hose and drop them into one of the boxes which you see tagged for that purpose? Let’s make the week of February 7-13 silk hose collection week. These old stockings are useless to you and the Government needs them very much.

100 years

Farmers’ meetings will be held at Waldheim school and Peace Grove school, St. Tammany Parish, on Saturday February 9, 1918, under direction of Director of Extension, La. State University, and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Agricultural talks and patriotic speeches will be delivered by competent speakers from Louisiana State University and local points. Waldheim at 10 a.m. and Peace Grove at 3:30 p.m. Purpose of meeting and introduction of speakers — by Supt. Elmer E. Lyon. Patriotic Talk, Thrift Stamp — by E.G. Davis, president Covington Bank & Trust Company. Discussion of Poultry — By A.F. Rolf, Poultry Specialist, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Hog Raising — By L.P. McCann Swine Specialist, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Fertilizers and Their Use — Speakers to be selected.

125 years

MARDI GRAS EXCURSION. The fine lake steamer NEW CAMELIA (sic) will give a grand Mardi Gras Excursion to the city as follows: Leave Old Landing MONDAY, February 13, at 7 a.m. Return THURSDAY, February 16, on arrival of the 1 p.m. train. Excursionists will have ample time to witness the entire Carnival Festivities. FARE (Round Trip) ONE DOLLAR. Children, Half Price.