With the statewide election winding down, political eyes in Mandeville are turning to the city’s March election, in which all five council seats and the mayor’s job will be before the voters.

This week, Mandeville Councilman At-Large Clay Madden announced he would seek re-election, joining District 2 Councilwoman Carla Buchholz in the race for the two-at large seats. The one-term incumbent has acknowledged for months that he planned to get into the race, but held off on official announcement until the Oct. 24 statewide election had passed.

In a statement, Madden cited his work on the city’s citizen financial committee and his efforts to make city government more transparent. Madden has frequently clashed with Mayor Donald Villere in what has been, at times, a tempestuous city government.

With Madden’s announcement, all five Mandeville Council members have announced their intention for that March election. In addition to Madden and Buccholz, Councilmen David Ellis and Ernest Burguières are seeking re-election to their district seats. The council’s other current at-large member, Rick Danielson is challenging Villere for the Mayor’s job in what is likely to be a vigorous fight.

As yet, no challengers have jumped into the at-large council race. Qualifying is Dec. 2-4.

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