Peter Galvan left state prison early Monday morning, more than two years after the former St. Tammany Parish coroner first donned an orange jumpsuit.

Galvan was released just after midnight from David Wade Correctional Center in Homer, a state Department of Corrections spokeswoman said. He was greeted by his wife and daughter.

Galvan was transferred to state custody in January from the federal correctional center in Oakdale after completing a federal prison sentence handed down after his guilty plea in October 2013 on conspiracy charges.

A separate state prison sentence kept him locked up at the state facility for a few months longer.

His release Monday ends his time behind bars, though he will remain under the supervision of the state’s Department of Probation and Parole until Sept. 23, 2017.

Two of Galvan’s alleged co-conspirators still are awaiting trial. Kim Kelly and Mark Lombard, former Coroner’s Office employees, each face two state theft charges. They are set for trial next month in St. Tammany Parish.

Galvan’s release caps a three-year saga that began when media reports revealed excessive spending of Coroner’s Office funds. Galvan was accused of — and later pleaded guilty to — using public money to buy items for his boat and plane, as well as lavish dinners for himself and his staff.

Federal authorities also accused him of taking cash payouts for vacation time that he was not entitled to and of sending Lombard, a public employee, to fulfill the terms of a private contract that Galvan’s medical practice had with the Slidell City Jail.

His misdeeds also drew the attention of the Legislature, which in 2013 passed a law shifting control of much of the Coroner’s Office finances to the Parish Council.

The impact of that law still is playing out: The council will debate this week whether to authorize a raise for Galvan’s elected successor, Charles Preston, who earns $84,000 per year, less than half of the $200,000 salary Galvan was paying himself.

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