A man accused of driving naked along Mandeville’s lakefront in a Cadillac and masturbating during an incident last summer has pleaded guilty to obscenity and been sentenced to five years of probation and a $1,000 fine, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Warren Montgomery’s office said.

Keith Cangiamilla, 51, of Mandeville, offered his plea to 22nd Judicial District Judge Allison Penzato on Tuesday, spokeswoman Lisa Page said.

Penzato sentenced Cangiamilla to three years in prison but suspended the prison time if Cangiamilla pays the fine and completes five years of probation.

Cangiamilla was arrested June 30 after Mandeville police received a report of a naked man in a Cadillac with the door open. The man also was seen masturbating.

By the time officers arrived, Cangiamilla had left the lakefront, but officers caught up with him a short time later and found he was still naked. He told officers he had removed his clothes because he gotten them wet trying to wipe water from his windshield. He said he had opened the car door to urinate. But officers found no wet clothes in his car, Page said.

The conviction is Cangiamilla’s first felony conviction.

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