A Mandeville Elementary School second-grader’s lemonade stand raised $95 for sports equipment for young people living at the Methodist Children’s Home in Mandeville.

Tyler Ellis, 7, got the idea for the project when he became aware of the cost of the athletic equipment he uses playing baseball, soccer and basketball at Pelican Park. He suggested he sell lemonade to raise money to buy sports equipment for “orphans” who might not be as fortunate as he is.

Tyler’s mother, Melissa Merrill, identified the need at the Methodist Children’s Home, which provides intensive residential care for 20 children ages 7-18 who are not eligible for the foster care system. Family friend Donald Carroll built the lemonade stand.

On Easter Sunday, Tyler sold cups of lemonade for $1 each and raised $190; he and his mother spent half of the proceeds on equipment for the children’s home.