The leak in a Mandeville sewer line that on Tuesday forced the shutdown of a lift station and pleas from city officials to one-third of the city’s residents to avoid using the bathroom or creating wastewater has been fixed, officials said.

The leaking pipe, located near the intersection of East Causeway Approach and Monroe Street, had been bypassed and the station was pumping at 11 p.m. Tuesday night, according to Mandeville Public Works Director David deGeneres.

A worker performing a daily inspection of the lift-station Tuesday morning noticed a sinkhole and immediately shut down the station and notified superiors, deGeneres said. Crews worked throughout the day to locate the leak, he said. The leak was in a 14-inch pipe that itself sat under a six-foot rainwater drain. Rather than excavate the leaking section of sewer pipe, workers bypassed it, deGeneres said.

During the day and evening hours, the city hired pump trucks to take wastewater from several collection points in the city and take it to other pump locations or the city’s water treatment plant, deGeneres said.

The affected lift station served an area from Causeway to Jackson Street and south of Monroe, and some areas north of Monroe. About one-third of the city’s residents live in the affected area, deGeneres said.