Qualifying began today, Jan. 3, for all of Slidell’s municipal races in an election that promises to see lots of turnover as mayor Freddy Drennan is term-limited, as are six of the nine council members.

Some big names expected to make a run for Slidell mayor made their intentions official Wednesday, including former three-term St. Tammany Parish president Kevin Davis, current Slidell councilman at-large Landon Cusimano and Slidell Memorial Hospital chief operating officer Bruce Clement.

Slidell city government to see lots of turnover in new year

This isn’t the first time Davis or Cusimano have looked at running for mayor, with Davis running once before becoming parish president and Cusimano long having aspirations of following his grandfather, who served as mayor from 1962 to 1978.

Two candidates have so far qualified to run for the two available at-large positions — current District G councilman Bill Borchert and current District A councilman Glynn Pichon.

The only district councilmember seeking reelection so far is District D’s Val Vanney Jr.

One candidate has qualified so far in each of the District F and G races, with Kim Harbison in F and Ray Larry in G.

No candidate has qualified yet in any of the District A, B or C races, though current District C councilman Warren Crockett said he plans to run for reelection.

Randy Fandal has qualified for reelection as police chief.

In Covington, the District C seat is open after Mark Wright won the special election for District 77, succeeding now-state Treasurer John Schroder.

Tim Burke is the only candidate to qualify so far in that race.

Qualifying continues through Friday, Jan. 5.

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