St. Tammany woman retracts claim of rape by law enforcement officer _lowres

Gina Causey

A woman who told authorities she was abducted near the Mandeville lakefront and raped by a law enforcement officer recanted the claim this week, admitting she concocted the story to conceal a pregnancy that came from an extramarital affair, police said Thursday.

Gina Louise Causey, 40, of Abita Springs, was booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail on one count of criminal mischief after investigators confronted her with inconsistencies in her statement, said Cpl. Kevin Covert, of the Mandeville Police Department.

Causey went to the police on Tuesday and made disturbing allegations about a law enforcement officer she depicted as a serial rapist.

She said the officer — a man she described as “very muscular,” standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 220 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes — abducted her at gunpoint in December. She claimed the officer had taken her to his home, where she claimed to have seen his badge and “a picture of himself in a uniform, standing with other policemen in uniform,” Covert said.

“She wouldn’t come out and identify an agency or even what type of badge it was,” Covert said. “She was very vague.”

After the alleged rape, the woman said, the officer placed her driver’s license in a copy machine in his living room and added the copy to a box that she said contained at least 10 other women’s driver’s licenses — women the officer supposedly had attacked in the past.

“According to her, he drove her back to her vehicle, which was on the lakefront, and just let her go with the threat that, because he was a policeman, he would know if she reported him and she would be killed or her family would be killed,” Covert said, referring to the woman’s account as “nonsense.”

The Police Department issued a news release Thursday saying Causey’s claim contained “several inconsistencies.”

It said detectives “were able to conclusively prove obvious falsehoods on the part of the victim concerning the timeline and the location of the alleged incident.”

Causey confessed to lying, Covert said, and admitted she filed the “false report in an effort to prevent her husband from discovering she had become pregnant as the result of an extramarital affair.”

“This was all just an elaborate story to get her out of that,” he said.

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