The postseason for prep baseball and softball is in full swing as we will be crowning state champions in softball this weekend and baseball soon after.

It is supposed to be a great time of the year as teams from around the state make runs to a title. But instead, I keep hearing people talk about how awful the blowout scores in the opening rounds have been.

Honestly, what do they expect?

The select/non-select split in football, basketball, baseball and softball playoffs is here to stay.

A side effect of that split, between select -- or the private and charter --  schools, and non-select -- or public -- schools, is that we are getting first-round matchups in the playoffs that would never have happened before, with the better schools sometimes not facing the quality of competition they're used to. And that, in turn, is leading to scores that have never happened before.

So these blowouts are a fact of life.

I’m actually a pro-split guy. One of the driving forces behind the split was the Louisiana High School Athletic Association's failure to enforce the rules on recruitment of student athletes by select schools. That is why non-select schools were in the favor of the split -- to even the playing field.

The people complaining about blowout scores are trying to find a backdoor argument to get the split overturned. And that is simply not going to happen.

So, get over it. The split is here to stay.

THE DREAM FADES: My dream of having the New Orleans Pelicans locate their developmental league team in St. Tammany Parish is apparently ending. The parish was one of seven in-state finalists listed by the Pelicans organization. I look for Jackson, Mississippi to be awarded the franchise very soon.

BIG WEEK FOR WOLVES: Stop me if you have heard this one before, but St. Paul’s School is pretty good at athletics. It was a big week on the Covington campus as the baseball team clinched another championship, the golf team won its district title and Eric Coston, one of the best prep distance runners in the history of the state, won the 1600 and 3200 meter track and field district titles.

WEST POINT COMMITMENT: Recognition for the Northshore High football program continues as Panthers cornerback Khalil Fleming announced his verbal commitment to the U.S. Military Academy (West Point). Congratulations to both Fleming and coach Mike Bourg.

SUMMER CAMPS: In the first of what's expected to be a large number of summer camps occurring in the parish, Mandeville girls basketball coach Melissa Weinmunson will be holding a basketball camp June 19-23. For more information, call (985) 687-7887.

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