Covington Councilman Mark Wright wasted no time Thursday in reacting to reports that the director of a major public retirement system had used public money for hotels, dining and alcohol.

Municipal Employees Retirement System Executive Director Bob Rust should resign immediately, Wright said in a statement.

Covington’s municipal employees are among the many city employees around the state who pay into the retirement system, know as MERS.

A report by WVUE-TV on Wednesday detailed thousands of dollars Rust spent on meals, hotel stays and alcohol over the last several years. The report also noted that Rust earns an annual salary of more than $200,000.

“That Mr. Rust makes nearly a quarter-million dollars a year in salary and still spends public money so extravagantly is obscene,” Wright said.

He also called for the board that oversees MERS to explain itself.

“Who is minding Mr. Rust’s spending?” Wright asked.

According to WVUE’s report, the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office is looking into the retirement system.

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